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What My Clients are Saying….

I was experiencing back pain throughout my pregnancy and couldn’t take anything but Tylenol for it. After I gave birth, I went to Dr Chen not being able to walk. After 30 minutes of “tweaking,” she fixed me right up. I walked out with great relief and she taught me exercises to do at home to strengthen my back. I think anyone that has had a baby should see Dr. Chen for an adjustment. The sooner you can get better, the easier it is to take care of yourself and baby. I can’t begin to thank Dr Chen for all of her help.” — Yohanna

When I came to Dr. Chen, I was a 61-year-old man who felt and walked like an 80-year-old. Now after four visits, I feel young beyond my years and am almost pain free. She is a miracle worker combining holistic medicine with the knowledge of conventional medicine. I swear by her and recommend her wholeheartedly.” — Irwin J.

Dr. Ching Chen is unlike most doctors today. She takes the time to get to know you and fully understand your issues, rather than listening for two minutes and then sending you away with a prescription to fill. I have scoliosis and have been pregnant twice in the last three years. Dr. Chen helped alleviate my back pain immediately.” — Lily J.

I consulted with Dr. Chen for severe shoulder and neck pain that was severely impacting my mobility. She helped me overcome the pain not just in the short term, but also helped me figure out the motions and activities that were causing me trouble on a continual basis. I found her holistic approach to the diagnosis and her efforts in educating me about lifestyle choices quite refreshing. She helped me with my diet, gave me exercises to do, and showed me how subtle changes in my everyday posture could have a huge impact on how tension builds in the bod. I was able to make a faster and more complete recovery and I have not had the shoulder pain re-emerge since. I was not looking to take any medication or go to multitude of expensive pain relieving sessions and I am glad I went to Dr. Ching.” — Rao V.

Dr. Ching Chen is the most amazing medical professional that I have ever the pleasure of knowing! She is brilliant, humble, caring, compassionate, personable, friendly, unassuming and knowledgeable. She makes me feel more like a dear friend or a beloved family member than a patient and brought immediate relief to chronic issues that have plagued me for over three decades, using surprisingly simple, straightforward, unconventional wisdom. She sets the new standard by which all other physicians are compared—the finest ever!” — John G.

Aggressive methods helped my pain in a very short amount of time.  I looked forward to being treated during my ailment!— Jay S.

Dr. Chen is a superb healer.  She has been helping me with back and leg pain with good success. She spends the time to find the root of the problem, not just treat the symptoms. She uses techniques from acupuncture, osteopathy and related disciplines and specializes in helping people get over the side effects of “successful” surgery (i.e. surgery that may have cured a major symptom, but created other less obvious problems).” — Emmanuel A.

I was tired of taking pills and going nowhere with my back pain. Dr. Chen takes the time to listen and gives good advice. It wasn’t a quick fix but with time, effort, and Dr. Chen’s guidance I am getting better.” — Lyle P.

Dr. Chen is amazing. She is a great listener and a gifted diagnostician. The experience I had in her office was totally different than that of other doctors. I had been suffering with mysterious foot pain for three years and had been to dozens of podiatrists and specialists in sports medicine to no avail. Dr. Chen was able to help relieve the pain from the first treatment! She’s a gem!” — Catherine I.

Dr. Chen is truly in a class of her own! She uses a unique blend of Eastern and Western Medicine and is able to diagnose the problem, rather than just getting right to the treatment. A rare find and a truly gifted physician!” — Jerald Z.


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