Escaping communist China at the age of seven during the last years of the Cultural Revolution, Dr. Ching Chen is a first generation immigrant who learned English from Sesame Street, went to medical school after her aging grandmother was denied healthcare, and specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation after she became outraged by the poor treatment of returning American combat soldiers.

Dr. Chen likes to say she was "made in China, but born in America." As a child having first hand knowledge of China’s Cultural Revolution which included persecution of free thinkers and dissidents, abject poverty, and a rigid ideological belief system under a totalitarian regime she felt the pain of the students at Tiananmen Square. As an adult she became passionate about the fundamental aspects of democracy that were missing from her childhood including the power of freedom of thought, prosperity consciousness, and the pursuit of happiness.

If there was one word that would describe Dr Chen that would be freedom: Freedom of mind, freedom of the body and freedom of the emotions.

Says Dr Chen, "So many children who later become adults are imprisoned in stuck bodies, others have stuck minds and others stuck emotions. I am about helping the child and their families to become free of all that."

I am about asking the question, "What else is possible? I am about giving patients freedom."

She does that with a totally unique skill set including traditional Chinese medicine, Herbal Medicine, Rehabilitative Nutrition, and the embracing of an uniquely American healing art known as Osteopathic Medicine. Osteopathic medicine focuses on addressing the structural imbalances in the muscles and connective tissue including the brain and spinal cord. When used together with proper nutrition and her use of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and an energetic approach called Access Bars, Dr. Chen has been able to achieve outstanding results in both children and adults. Many patients speak of miracles. Dr. Chen simply says, "this is good treatment."

Dr. Chen is an internationally known expert in Osteopathic Manipulation, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Rehabilitative Nutrition, Herbalism, and Integrative Medicine. Board Certified in Physical and Rehabilitation, Dr. Chen has extensive experience in working with complex medical conditions such as cerebral palsy,traumatic brain injury, autism, chronic illnesses and implementing comprehensive treatment plans that are aimed at increasing the function of the patient.

Although, her treatment approach is effective in both adults and children having completed a residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Kings brook Institute, one of the largest pediatric and adult rehabilitation centers in the nation, Dr. Chen has a special love for children.

"As a resident, I saw some of the most severe cases of pediatric Lyme Disease in the United States. However, I did not realize the full devastation of this disease until I contracted it myself while in Australia. I realized that the treatments we had for myself and these children did not work. It was only after exploring integrative methods including Traditional Chinese Medicine, the microbiome, and energetic healing methods such as Access Bars that I was able to recover. No child should go through this. This applies equally to other children who have diagnoses of autism, chronic illnesses, disabilities, and cerebral palsy. The current treatments are not working."

Physicians need to be asking, "What else is possible for these patients?"

"For me, I have found answers in integrative approaches that address the limitations of the body, and allow it to be free. With freedom we can accomplish anything. With freedom, we can change the world. I am about helping people to be free ---one child, one person at a time."