Tango: It’s not just for Dancing with the Stars!

Time to Tango!

My patients sometimes think I’m kidding when I “prescribe” tango dancing. I often suggest it to my Parkinson’s patients to help them develop strength, coordination and balance.

image tango danceBut tango is a great exercise for anyone who wants to enhance their core strength and even improve your brain function.

(I’m partial to Argentinian Tango myself. It is the Tai Chi of dances.)
Here’s why:

  1. Tango has an easily recognizable beat that makes it easier to catch on to the dance (and therefore stick with it).
  2. The variations of sidesteps and forward steps and slow movements help you develop strength, coordination and balance. With Parkinson’s patients, this really helps to decrease the risk of falling.
  3. Cross-body movements help develop core strength and improve neurokinetics—a fancy way of saying that your brain gets smarter while you’re learning the movements.
  4.  Music and movement are the fundamentals of life. Good music and dance make life more fun, which helps alleviate less depression.
  5. Since no equipment is needed, it’s a really cost-effective way to boost your health.
  6. It’s great exercise for all ages, so it helps bring together people from across cultures and generations.
  7. Great way to burn lots of calories while having lots of fun!

So forget about Dancing with the Stars. The real stars are your own loved ones who need a little nudge to remember what a great time dancing is.

See you guys on the dance floor soon!
Happy Healing!